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SPL & Geno Cochino - Bounce EP

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


SPL and Geno Cochino released a new three track EP titled "Bounce" on Tuesday and boy is it full of bangers. Following up last year's EP Transitions, Bounce was co-created with Geno Cochino. Having worked together over five years ago SPL and Geno are back with three new tracks that encompass a deep dark bass vibe. Released on SPL's very own Hollow Point Recordings the Bounce EP does not disappoint if you are a fan of technical dubstep with high production value.
The title track Bounce happens to be my favorite. The melodic build up to the transitioned drop is just beautifully done. The next track Leanin and Dreamin was a close second favorite. The synths in this track are very well done and I really enjoy the trap influence you can hear at certain parts. The final track Space Dust is homage to the old sound of SPL & Geno Cochino. This track is unique from the rest because it feels more slowed and drawn out and meshes really well with the keyboard and guitars that overlay the track.
Stream the Bounce EP on soundcloud below and purchase it here on
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