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Dose Of Dub

Dose Of Dub New week.  New Segment.  New Music.  This week in Dose Of Dub, the tracks that are covered very from very different genres, such as some harder-hitting, darker dubstep, some nicer and slower liquidstep with a little jazz and guitar thrown in, and of course some trap to close out the post.  To start it off is a pretty massive tune titled 'No Love' from Empressto, followed up by a smooth remix from GRiZ of his buddy Kill Paris' 'Slap Me', and like every other one of GRiZ's songs, I automatically downloaded it. Next up is a collab remix from two artists that I have been following for a while and never disappoint; Protohype and Carnage.  This time these two get their hands on 'Running To The Sea' originally done by Royskopp & Susane Sundfor, and slow it down a little from the usual sounding craziness. Gramatik is another one that I have been having a lot of fun following, as he has put out some pretty amazing stuff and is also pretty good buddies with Kill Paris and GRiZ.  Now he has graced us again with his new original track 'Bluestep' which incorporates some amazing guitar rifts and a jazzy feel to it.   Now to move on to the trap to wrap it up.  First, we have two forthcoming tracks, both on Firepower Records and both collabs from Antiserum and Mayhem, that are HUGE and can't wait for them to be released; both 'Trippy' and 'Bangladesh' are set to be released soon and will no doubt gain enormous recognition.   Finally, we have a little slower trap remix that is one of my favorite songs out there right now.  Stay with me here...Aylen did a trap remix of the Alesso remix of the original track 'Heiress of Valentina' originally by Dune, follow me?  Make sure to check out all the tracks below and be sure to look out for a special treat at the bottom of the page from one of my favorite groups (you should know who it is by now). As promised, I told you that there was going to be a little treat at the end.  In honor of Valentines Day, Krewella put together Troll Mix Vol. 3: Makeout Edition.  This one is filled with all tracks, new and old, that are a little slower and mood-setting for Valentines Day.  Grab the free download below!