AFK – Killionaire EP


Killionaire EP

kills it with his latest EP, Killionaire, on FirePower Records. Anyone who knows the kind of stuff Firepower puts out knows they like their music heavy, and usually 140 or 87 BPM. They have artists like Getter and Datsik under their belt, and a lot of them were just on the road for the Firepower tour. AFK is one of those artists, and he has been hard at work putting together Killionaire. This EP features some great tracks like On The Floor that features Messinian, Who Wants Some, and Go Home. Go Home sounds a lot like it could be something Skrillex released, which sounds like an insult, but it’s not. Give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean. The guy puts out some great tracks. If you are a fan of Datsik or anyone else on the Firepower label, check out AFK’s latest EP. You won’t be disappointed.

A multi-talented member of the OTB team, Chase currently resides in the Music City (aka Nashville, TN) and is responsible for videography, photography, graphic design, and the occasional post. Originally from the Bay area (a huge 49er's fan), Chase is also one of those annoying musicians who can play any instrument, really really well...
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