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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PANTyRAiD, comprised of solo DJ favorites MartyParty and Ooah (from Glitch Mob) has been upping their game this year with the creation of a new logo, merchandise, and finally NEW MUSIC!! For me, awaiting their new tracks to be released has been like waiting for the bass to drop after an extraneous build up at EDC… but imagine waiting for two years! On March 14th  via Facebook, PANTyRAiD announced to the world that they “got their final masters back”. This post made me realize that after months and months of waiting, we are finally in the homestretch. The way they interpret music is like nothing I have every experienced before. Their artistry in the way they manipulate the bass, beats, chorus, and sound clips in all their songs is absolutely ingenious. I’ve never experienced a duo that is so in tune with their audience that they literally have the ability to self-induce feelings into their listeners while they are simply just jamming on stage. To get a taste of their sound check out: Or To further describe their sound, I feel MartyParty said it best in his StaticTV interview back in 2010. In the dialogue, he described their music as, “We are not really dubstep, but we take from the bass instruments, we write original music with those instruments instead of just copying that notes from another song, which dubstep people do. We don’t dub anything, none of our songs are a remake of anything else, it’s all-original… “ Pantyraid One interesting point he makes in this interview is when he describes his process of writing dubstep songs. In this dialogue, he explains his own interpretation of the song, Infinity by XX. Martyparty further portrays the picture, of being in a club, when the song by the XX comes on and the whole crowd gets excited because they recognize the tune being played. Martyparty explains dubstep in the form of the club crowd asking themselves, “what is he going to do with it (the song)??” Then you have the rise, and DROP (which is, your interpretation of the song as a musician) and that is how you essentially create your own genre within the realm of dubstep. This whole concept presented by MartyParty to describe music was very enlightening to me when I really sat back and thought about it. Now a days, with the EDM scene blowing up, there are so many different interpretations of music underneath the umbrella of EDM that its difficult to even categorize it below one set genre anymore. Looking at EDM as different interpretations rather than genres I feel helps the listener connect on another level with the artist. For more information about the roots of the PANTyRAiD’s collaboration and hear MartyParty’s take on bass music check out this interview:

[youtube id="ZL1yislVzcQ" width="620" height="360"]

Meanwhile, like me, while all you devoted PANTyRAiD fans are patiently awaiting the release of their new music, the countdown continues. But as you all know, this next album release is going to be absolutely insane…stay tuned my friends!

If you’re planning on attending Spring Awakening, Lightning in a Bottle, or What The Festival this summer and like to get down, be sure to check out PANTyRAiD crush the stage live.

BEWARE: Your girlfriend might be audio fondled by some Southern Style Booty Bass Crunk Hedon Orgy Trap Lovestep.

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