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Nero - Into The Past

Thursday, April 25, 2013

nero I know it's been a while since Nero has put anything out there, but yesterday they just released a brand new track and I'm just giving you a little warning; there is a very good chance that the hairs on the back of your neck are going to stand straight up.  This time Nero is back with an all new sound different than most tracks they have recently put out.  They stray away from the hard-hitting drops like in some of their bigger songs like 'Innocence' and 'Won't You (Be There)' and focus on more of a 'chillstep' approach to the track.  Not to mention haunting vocals, including a chilling woman slowly inhaling and exhaling at the beginning of the song.  The track has a lot of nice string samples giving it a somewhat orchestral feel to it, which is what I think attributes to the reason i still currently have goosebumps.  This song, oddly enough, is set to come out as part of the soundtrack for the movie The Great Gatsby in theaters May 10th.  Be on the lookout for the official release of this song, which you can pre-order from Interscope records on iTunes now, as well as pay attention for it if you see the movie!