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Nero - Promises - Drum Cover by Bryan Blair

Friday, May 17, 2013

Who puts on a better show? A top charting band or a top charting DJ? The answer depends on you ask. My parents, for example, still have no idea how why our generation is willing pay absorbent amounts of money to see "some guy" wave his hands in the air while we jump around like he is doing something that, in their eyes, is nothing more than pressing play on a professional sound system. There is some truth that argument, but in reality we are paying for the multi-sensorial experience that comes from the amazing sound systems, light shows, production effects, and the thrill of being surrounded by such positive energy.  Which we get in exchange for the pleasure of seeing music created right in front us like you would see at a rock/jazz/country/folk etc show. But what happens when  you combine them? See the video below and find out. Could this be the next big thing in live electronic music shows? I know that Big Gigantic has their sax player up and a drum set on stage jammin' out but they have a very specific sound.  To put this awesome drum track over a huge Nero song, who is a well established & broad based EDM artist, takes some real musical talent so mad props to Bryan Blair. What do you guys think? Could this catch on as a the EDM bubble grows? Sound off below!