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Can't Wait- Phrenik & Stiletto (Tim Ismag Remix)

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Kelsey Barenborg

TimIsmag Total Banger Alert! The fabulous Tim Ismag released his remix of Phrenik and Stiletto’s Can’t Wait two days ago. Phrenik, a San Diego based Dj/ Producer known primarily in the Drum n' bass world and Stiletto, a sassy LA based Dj notorious for her hard hitting underground sound are the perfect combination for Tim Ismag to add a little of his golden touch. This track has great build up vocals that get your attention with their sexy sound and lyrics. As soon as the build up ends, brace your self for this track's hard electro drop. I am not sure what the vocalist “can’t wait” for but I know I can't wait to repeat this over and over again.