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Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 – Adventure Club

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My review of this new mix is simple; if you want to begin your day right, start by listening to this new release, Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 by Adventure Club. This morning I found myself up way earlier than expected. Indulging in my personal angst due to my lack of sleep, I prayed in my mind that a new remix, track, or set worth listening to would be readily available on my sound cloud “new releases” to jump start my daily grind. This mix gave me exactly that. Although I have been a true fan, music lover, and follower of Leighton James and Christian Srigley (the duo who make up Adventure Club) since origination. In my opinion, this is by far one of the most diverse collaborations of songs combined in a mix that I have heard from them or any other EDM artists in a long time. Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2 is an example of genuine artistry at its best. Crossing over almost every genre considered under the “EDM Umbrella”, and truly taking the listener on a musical journey. Their craftiness in combining angelic tones, grimy dub bass beats, modern day favorites, old school rap songs, intertwined with the numerous unexpected drops, makes the fresh release almost ironic. Not only does this set have something out there for all different types of music lovers, but also is a gift to their fans. Happy listening my friends! To connect with some of the raddest dudes I know, check out Adventure Club’s: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter