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PANTyRAiD - Brooklyn Angel [Free Download]

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ever felt the full embrace of “sexy” just oozing from a song? Well if not you should check out the rad new release, Brooklyn Angel by PANTyRAID off their newest album, Pillowtalk. The first time I heard this track dropped was at Summerset Music Festival 2012 last August. Catching a short clip of the tune via my iPhone during their live set, I scoured the Internet searching for this “unknown” sexy song that was unforgettable in my mind. With no luck, I felt fortunate to have witnessed the track live, even though it was for only a brief moment in time. In January, MartyParty released a stream of his live set from Aggie Theatre, listening eagerly in hopes that I would hear the mysterious song that had me so enamored from the summer performance.  When MartyParty cut the music to announce, “this is one of the sexiest songs I’ve made in a long time”, I knew I had finally been reunited with the track I had been searching for the past couple of months. As a true music lover, it is difficult for me to think about any other artists who project the saying “turnt up” more than PANTyRAiD. With their recent release of their long awaited album, Pillow Talk, they yet again expose their insane talent for “writing and producing sexy, yet hard dance floor songs that make you want to move and get naughty.” Their natural ability to make people feel sexy through their music is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The exude so much energy and emotion it is almost indescribable, they are truly a live example constantly reminding us the power of music and how it has the ability to change and make you feel powerful, passionate, and most of all, SEXY! In searching to find some inspiration to write this post, I felt PANTyRAiD described their style and musical purpose, best themselves:

"During an era where high-intensity dubstep and over-the-top electro commanded the attention of the nation, PANTyRAiD was the answer to providing more dance floor real estate to the ladies.Regardless of which genre, tempo, or style creeps in or out of fashion, a music interpretation aimed at moving hips into a rhythmic pocket of playful, sexy persuasion will always hold relevance across the ages. Constant variation in the beat and an almost overwhelming palette of instrumentation make attention to detail the one constant that carries through each and every PANTyRAID production.” – PANTyRAiD (Ooah + MartyParty)

Brooklyn Angel, or more importantly the genius artists of PANTyRAiD, is a constant reminder that music and the fans still matter. They still meticulously use their talent not just for popularity but to express meaning to others through their musical talents. If you haven’t listened to them before, you are missing out.

If you’re ever in the mood to feel extra sexy, want to listen to some new tunes, or score some free downloads, connect with PANTyRAiD on: