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Mt. Eden Is the Biggest Sound Coming Out of New Zealand

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

There's been much ado about the Swedish producers in the past year, but get ready for Mt. Eden, one of the biggest sounds coming out of New Zealand.  Both Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner have been creating music together since their early teens.  They dabbled in hip-hop until a ticket to a Skream and Benga show changed their life.  It rocketed the boys into the world of bass, and soon gained them widespread acclaim.

Benga - "26 Basslines" One of Mt. Eden's first introductions to the scene was their track "Sierra Leone."  It would become the world's first listen to the pair's signature blend of deep bass, ethereal melodies, and beautiful vocals.  Not surprisingly, the single went viral on YouTube in 2009, and has amassed over 100 million combined views.  With dubstep being arguably over-saturated, it can be rare for a new addition to stand out. However, the talents of Cooper and Rayner have connected with people all around the world.  Something about their music creates an emotional high that is impossible to resist.

Mt. Eden - "Sierra Leone ft. Freshly Ground"

After the realization of their potential, the duo released a digital download of their first EP "Meds" in 2010.  Whether you're in the mood to party or chill, this album will satisfy both needs.  Just as you're relaxing to the soothing vocals, the bass drops and your whole body tingles from the change in emotion.  The two young producers are a perfect example of musical symbiosis; both individual artists with an impeccable vision of audible harmony.

Mt. Eden - "Oh That I Had"

At the beginning of 2013, Mt. Eden announced an album of Sierra Leone remixes, including AraabMuzik, Tommie Sunshine, and Ta-Ku.  Shortly after the remix release, Cooper and Rayner dropped their "Walking On Air" EP, now backed by Ultra Records. Although the album contains the same emotive vocals, tracks like "Chasing" have heavier, dirtier bass.  Perhaps being partial to the UK bass skews my bias to the added grittiness, but I find the whole EP to be perfection.  The drops are uplifting and tangible, leading the listener on a musical high.

Mt.Eden - "Chasing ft. Phoebe Ryan"

Mt. Eden - "Airwalker ft. Diva Ice"

I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing Mt. Eden live here in Dallas, and I look forward to any chance at seeing them again.  While they may have gone from unknown to world-known, the two show no signs of ego.  Their passion is evident through the energy behind the decks, and their sound encompasses everything that is right with dubstep.