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Vaski Releases 'Explorer' EP That Will Blow Your Mind

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Katherine O'Harra

Who's Vaski you might ask? I hadn't heard of him before now, but I am certainly glad I found him, and you will be too. The Minneapolis-based artist released his debut EP titled 'Explorer' yesterday on SMOG Records. The 6-track EP stays true to the 23 years old's style, but also 'explores' new territory. It crosses hip-hop with electro house and hardstlye, creating a intense get-up-and-dance bass mix. I love the uniqueness of each of these tracks. Through each track, you definitely get a feel for his metal and punk inspirations. The first track, "Jumpsuit" serves as a great intro to the EP, with light and funky building bass tones. Next comes "Game of Cards," another upbeat and funky track featuring the incredible vocals of Betty Borderline. This track is a great mix of electro and bass followed by an intense dubstep segment.  I think that "The Nile," is such an epic track. I almost get a rastafari feel, complimented by a little glitch hop that'll get you moving. The next track definitely "Can't Bring Me Down." At this point, Vaski gets into more a hard style of dubstep. "Radium" is my favorite track on this EP; it brings disco vibes into the picture along with a glitchy electro-house. It's the most upbeat and dancey of any of the tracks! If you want to get moving, turn this up. Last but certainly not least comes "Mars." This track winds down the EP well, slowing down the bass and leaving you feeling incredible. This is an artist and and EP that you don't want to miss out on!