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SirensCeol - Movie Music Freebie!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

This isn't a single remix, this isn't an album; SirensCeol has unleashed a mini-mix of six select movie themes remixed in glorious high-fidelity EDM. Argent Entertainment's new offering to my inbox is definitely not one I expected. Enjoy the soundtracks while I break them down for you: braveheart-movie-freedom1. Braveheart - "Freedom" - James Horner Mel Gibson's amazing action-drama Braveheart is given new life with bold super-saw synths!   2. Inception - "Time" - Hans Zimmerinception-movie Drift off into deep sleep with this hypnotic number! Mezmerizing, it almost wakes you up within the dream while you're still dreaming! Whoa.   Indy raiders 2 3. Indiana Jones - "Raider's March" - John Williams Once the melody kicks in, everybody grins because they know! If you don't know, go watch this movie now! On top of that, the drop is super high energy and begs a stand-alone track. 4. Lord of the Rings - "Concerning Hobbits" - Howard Shorelord-of-the-rings-hobbits Beautiful use of strings and natural woodwind pads recreating the shire right before your ears but then the swift arm of dubstep sweeps you into bass-town. pirates-of-the-caribbean   5. Pirates of the Carribean - "He's a Pirate" - Hans Zimmer Eerie and suspenseful, I love  the drama in this piece! Both the original and remix are dynamic and full of character! Great use of vocal sampling over dat trap in the drop . 6. Harry Potter - "Hedwig's Theme" - John Williams hedwig-harry-potter Who could forget the fantasy bonanza that is Harry Potter!   SirensCeol (pronounced Siren's Soul), actual name Stephen Burke is a UC Berkeley attendee and has been at the piano since age 11. Now, almost 10 years later he is finally breaking into our conscience with amazing dedication to his music. I truly hope the best for SirensCeol and hope he unleashes more of his beast-mode tracks! sirensceol-discovery