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Get Drunk In Love with Diamond Saints' Remix of Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z

Friday, March 21, 2014

Attention all sexy bass music lovers, make your Friday extra dirty with this out of control reinvention of Drunk in Love - Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z (Diamond Saints Remix).

One of my favorite past times is discovering off the beaten path niche artist group collabs attempting to reinvent their sounds and team up to push their own musical boundaries. Diamond Saints, a.k.a An-Ten-Nae + Re|eece is a perfect example of talent that has taken on this challenge and embraced personal artistic expansion. I can't quite describe what it is about this duo from Oakland, California, but with each and every new release I find they continuously manage to surprise their fans and have tapped in to an unknown musical magic that takes the listener to another realm of auditory reality. Limited information has been provided about the newly artistic collaboration project, yet they have made a valiant effort to command the blogosphere domain's spotlight. Shortly after the recent debut of Diamond Saints six track EP, they've already managed to reinvent one of the most popular tracks remixed right now, "Drunk In Love."

The remix of the single is eerie and twisted, complimented with an Arabic melody unheard of in the original that takes Beyonce's vocal talent to another level. After previewing this tune, the most recognizable quality of the production is that hardly any of the original track is left despite the half way point where the listener gets teased with a sample of the classic lyrics. There is not a lot of ways to really describe the tune, but what I can depict is that the melody is dark and the high kickers even crueler, as it plays on the very concept of an electronic remix. Over the past month, Dimond Saints have really started to grasp their newly invented sound and master their own style as they continue to evolve. I highly advise any music lover interested in this type of music to dive into the Diamond Saints audio aura because you can distinctly find that each new song released shows continuous growth.

Only big things have come to be expected at the rate this duo has been releasing tracks. If you are planning on joining the summer festival circuit schedule their up and coming live sets at Coachella 2014 and Lighting in a Bottle should not be missed. I hope this new release makes you feel extra sexy and you enjoy this unique new style as much as I do! Happy listening my friends!