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Treyis - The Sixth Floor EP

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

We here at Only The Beat got to catch up with Seattle based Treyis about his newest release, The Sixth Floor.Treyis - The Sixth Floor EP - Only The Beat OTB: Sup man. Tell us about your inspiration for the EP name. Where does "The Sixth Floor" come from? Treyis: Basically, my idea of titling The Sixth Floor came from me landing a full time job outside of music. The place I work at is in a tower and our office is on the sixth floor. I started writing this EP after I had gotten employed here, so a lot of my ideas were happening at work and at home, but I titled it the way I did as a dedication to my friend and as a sense of irony. OTB: Tell us about where the inspiration for the songs came from. Let's start with TreyCrowne. Treyis: The song ideas came from various themes that came to mind at different points of the year (this EP took roughly 4 months on and off to complete). My homie Thomas Crowne and I have been talking about collaborating for almost half a year now. His vibes are more funky, gritty based electro stuff, and I really liked the direction he was taking his style towards. So we came together, sent ideas back and forth, and then TreyCrowne was created. It's a nice fusion between funky vibes and energetic dance floor patterns, I fuckin love it. OTB: What about Jamba? (We now all of a sudden want a smoothie). Treyis: Jamba was just inspired by all the reggae vibe drum and bass tempo tunes out there, so I wanted to create my own with my own interpretations on it. OTB: And lastly... Ethos. Treyis: Ethos is a piece I wrote a while ago actually, but never got the chance to fully expose and share. It's a special piece to me because it was one of the first tracks I ever wrote that I felt comfortable with playing in any type of environment (club, house parties, family occasions, etc). I like utilizing piano whenever I can (although I kind of suck at playing piano), it makes my pieces feel less "digital." OTB: Good stuff! So what is next for you? Treyis: I had a 4th tune I had planned on releasing on the EP but it did not make the cut. My ethos VIP >:). So expect that and some other tunes pretty soon. It's gonna be a busy summer! Go get the EP for free here.