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Mantis - bringing classic Dubstep back

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Featured on Never Say Die's forthcoming 'Black Label Vol.2', Mantis are known for their wonderfully weighty sound. They bring 'Desolation' - a terrifyingly chilling track that will shake your bones to the core. It's released on 28th April and we caught up with the Mantis boys to hear more about it. We know you had a collab with MUST DIE! but this is your first solo track on Never Say Die. How did 'Desolation' end up on the Black Label series?  Well, our good buddy Lee (MUST DIE!) sent a super early version over to SKisM and he liked the direction of the track, just wanted us to refine it a bit more.  We did and BAM!  How long have you guys been working together? We’ve been working together just over three years as of this past January! You have just started the Blood Sweat and Bass tour, what show are you most looking forward to? Well, the tour is coming to a close at this point, but our favorite dates were (hands down) the Detroit and Minneapolis shows!  The Black Label series is all about capturing the classic sound of Dubstep. What are a couple of essential tracks that originally inspired you? Datsik - 'Jenova Project', InnerPartySystem - 'Last Night in Brooklyn' (Numbernin9 Remix), Rusko - 'Mr. Muscle', Truth - 'The Emperor' nsdx056 1000 Who would you most like to collaborate with next? Funtcase, Datsik, or Truth Thanks for your time guys, 'Desolation' is awesome! Check out the preview here.