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NERO Comes Out of the Darkness with "Satisfy"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I always checked back on their Facebook page, their Twitter, their website. Still nothing since November 12, 2013, where a cryptic message said the words that we were all hoping for:

"Sorry to have left you in the dark for so long. The 2nd album is coming 2014. Announcements soon. Until then...

D, J & A"

Finally, an email on May 6th. Nothing but a date: 13.05.14. Today is that day everyone, and our favorite epic UK bass trio, Nero, has released their latest new single since their album, 'Welcome Reality' in 2011. This track is nothing short of spectacular, and I have no doubt that Daniel and Joe (along with vocalist Alana Watson) will be killing it on the festival circuit this summer. The best way to describe this track (to give credit where credit is due to my amazing friends) is a mix of French Electro and Nine Inch Nails-esque synths, with basslines that are perfectly complemented by Alana's crooning, sexy voice. This doesn't just make you want to get down on the dance floor, it makes you want to get down and dirty. Nero, thank you for coming back from the darkness and we look forward to seeing you on festival lineups all over the world this summer including EDC NY, Tomorrowland, Toronto's Veld Festival and HARD Summer in LA. Want more Nero? Head back into the time machine and stream 'Welcome Reality' to celebrate their return.