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Lets Be Friends is the hottest dubstep act since Knife Party

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Lalita Stone

lets be friends With May being new music month, there’s been a lot of hype following DJs like Porter Robinson, Nero, Knife Party and even Pendulum. Now if you’re a fan of the last 3 artists mentioned and still can’t get enough of them after their new releases, you’re in luck. Barely a year old, Lets Be Friends is an upcoming British duo whose music sounds like Nero and Knife Party had a lovechild which was then adopted by Excision. To be blunt, they’re simply amazing.

Who are Lets Be Friends?

Jonney and Oren make up the dynamic duo and released their first EP in 2013. Since then, they have been recognized by DJs such as Steve Aoki, W&W, Steve Angello and Krewella. With such a quick rise to fame, the guys are surprisingly very humble and love interacting with their fans. But don’t try and stick a genre like electro-step, moombah-core, hardstyle on them - they prefer the term ‘full flavor’. Although I’m not entirely sure what ‘full flavor’ entails, they do dare to put both Mindless Self Indulgence and Gareth Emery in the same mix. I kid you not! Check out their latest mix and its eclectic track-list below:

This Means War Vol. II

Lets Be Friends' American Debut

Lets Be Friends made their American debut at Avalon nightclub in Hollywood on March 28th of this year; a show which I had the honor of attending. Following a big name like Ivan Gough and a 2-hour set by Starkillers, Lets Be Friends’ control over the crowd was hypnotizing. Although they graced the stage at 1AM, people kept on dancing as hard as before and maybe even just a little bit harder. lets be friends The most memorable part of their set for me was when they dropped their ‘re-amp’ of the oh-so-popular song “Animals”. And there are only 3 DJs on the planet that I deem acceptable to play “Animals” during a set which are: Kaskade (because everything Kaskade touches turns to gold), Lets Be Friends (their re-amp of “Animals” puts the original and all other remixes to shame) and Martin Garrix himself (of course).

Originals and Remixes

Some great Lets Be Friends songs to check out are “FTW”, "Only Time" and “Manslaughter” which has a Knife Party “Centipede” kind of feel to it. Their remixes have been equally as phenomenal as their original tunes. Some examples include Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For”, TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” and Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. To check out more of what Lets Be Friends sounds like, here's their first volume of "This Means War". And trust me, their intro play on JUSTICE's "We Are Your Friends" never gets old.