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Minnesota's 'Voyager': Taking Futuristic Beats to the Next Level

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Maddy Bahner

If you're currently in the market to hear some great new dubstep-influenced ambient tracks, look no further! Christian Bauhofer, known to the public as bass music producer Minnesota, has just released his newest album, 'Voyager.' Consisting of six equally enthralling new tunes, Minnesota continues to consistently put out music that stays true to his trippy sound, while still allowing his style to grow and progress. 'Thunderdome,' a track done in collaboration with G Jones, is a perfect example of this. With a combination of futuristic synth and heavy trap buildups, this track has a heavier sound than most of the other more ambient tracks on the new album. Thankfully for us fans, all of 'Voyager' can be downloaded for free HERE on Minnesota's website, or listened to on his Soundcloud page.