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KOAN Sound & Minnesota wobble Foundation's Foundation - Seattle 5/14

Friday, May 23, 2014

koan sound   When KOAN Sound and MINNESOTA rolled in to town on 5/14, they took the bass and funk to a whole different level. Playing at Seattle's famed Foundation Night Club, the foundation of the club surely settled a bit in to the soil once these guys were done. Playing the weekly SUBstance series both KOAN and MINNESOTA lived up to the name, MINNESOTA set the tone for the evening with a killer set that drove home the bass while keeping people jammin' to his rhythm. Once KOAN hit the decks, the VIP was empty. People who paid good money for their bottles and view could not help themselves once the duo played their first track. Seeing them on stage with an MPC beating out beats with a drum stick was a very unique experience, it was super dope to see them creating the sounds you were feeling/hearing. Within seconds of the first bass jam, the entire club was vibin' along in harmony. As weird as it is to realize, there were people in attendance who were actively trying to standby and watch, trying harder not to move along to the music than it would have been to let loose and enjoy themselves. They cracked, don't worry, mainly because every funk drop brought the party up another 10 levels. There was always a crowd synchronous "oooooohhhh" whenever the new bass kicked in and you could tell they were really enjoying themselves on stage. When on their big song built up you, people knew it. The crowd could sense what was coming and started to go even more crazy. Complete with beers and smiles the boys were clearly enjoying their time in Seattle .