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Dino Snax Bring Us The Ultimate #Selfie Remix!

Sunday, June 08, 2014
Chelsey Mora

Dino Snax may be a new name to the music scene, but their latest #SELFIE remix has us going insane! Not only do they turn this pop sensation into a bass masterpiece, but they sum up how some of us truly feel about this song.  The duo Dino Snax is made up of Savo and Kill Rex, who have both made a huge mark in the dubstep scene this year. Luckily for us, both of these dudes joined forces and have created one hard-hitting remix! The tune starts off with the valley girl voices we have all grown to hate/love, and leads into a drop you can't help but sing out loud! The track features numerous samples from notable artists, including Skrillex, Trampa,  Zomboy, Eptic, Genetix, Prodigy, JPhelpz, Martin Garrix, Kill Rex himself, and tons more making for a very memorable listen. Face it ladies, we've all said at least one of these annoying phrases whilst in the bathroom (; My personal favorite "There's no vodka at this table, do you know anyone else here?"

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