Dack Janiels – Broken Earth Promo Mix 2014

Get ready, because Dack Janiels is coming to destroy a city near you! Don’t miss out on the Broken Earth Tour¬†this June-July including artists Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Algoreythm!

If you dig bass, then I HIGHLY suggest you try to go to one of the shows on this tour. This group of producers are some of the most talented up-and-comers in dubstep currently, and have nothing but filthy tunes to supply!

The tour may be a few weeks away, but Dack has given us a little preview of what to expect  (; After listening to this mix, all I can say is that you can definitely expect some f*ck*ng bass in your face!


Yung Tracklist:
Dack Janiels- Warlord (Forthcoming Brotown)
Dack Janiels- Creepy (Forthcoming Brotown)
Creation- Snapback (Dub)
Kai Wachi- Game Over
Bundat- Limb Cutta (Dub)
Direktor & Topki- My Bad
Midnight Tyrannosaurus- Jack Move (Dub)
Cruel Reaction & Dack Janiels- Shotgun Hobo VIP
Cruel Reaction & Acting Damage- From Beyond (Dub)
Dack Janiels- Get Buck (Dub)
Xaebor- M16
Alphabit- Trigga (Dub)
Dack Janiels- Condemned (Dub)
Dack Janiels & Alphabit- Deaththreats (Dub)


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