Truth Releases Brilliant New LP, ‘Hollow World’

If you once thought it impossible to produce a dubstep remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Backseat Freestyle’ while still keeping it extremely fresh and original, it’s time to rethink all musical possibilities. New Zealand-based dubstep duo Truth has done it again; releasing their newest album ‘Hollow World,’ featuring iconic slow buildups, dark, emotional vocals and heavy breakdowns. Available on Beatport and iTunes, as well as a 51-minute album preview on their Soundcloud page, this album is not one to disappoint.

As I listened to all 14-tracks in the comfort of my own bedroom, I couldn’t help but feel transported to the dimly lit warehouse raves of London’s yesteryear. Each track on the album melds together multiple genres; incorporating glitchy breaks, fast-paced drum and bass, and the classic bass-music that all of us dubstep fans yearn for. Stream the entire LP right here, and also check some of my all-time favorite tracks from Truth.

Be sure to check out Truth’s Facebook page for more information, and watch for them at Shambhala Music Festival later this summer!

Maddy Bahner

Maddy Bahner

Maddy is currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Public Health. When she's not studying or sleeping you can find her twerking or hula hooping at the nearest music festival.
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