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Bassnectar - Hold On Ft. TURSI

Friday, June 13, 2014

Music fans, prepare to blast off with the bass god’s newest release, "Hold On" ft. TURSI – Bassnectar. While his sound has evolved, his live sets have always been characterized by a boundless and open format, presented via his method of rapid fire clips and thunderous loops from any genre you can think of. In a recent interview Bassnectar stated, "For me DJing is gloves off. It's about a no-rules, high creativity sound collage--taking different cultures and ideas and smashing them together. It's an art form."

On June 24, he unleashes his tenth studio album, Noise vs. Beauty. A further evolution in the Bassnectar sound, and a finished product that he refers to as “his most musical album ever.” The 15 track release features a whopping nine collaborations and travels the windy roads between vocal heavy 808 jams, hypnotic bass mind-benders and even some dashes of hip-hop flavor--a trend he’s played with with ever since his 2012 collab with Lupe Fiasco, “Vava Voom.”

Ashton started working on the album during a six-month tour hiatus—a first after being on the road for eleven months at a time, for ten years. “I was really able to immerse myself,” he explains. “I started by writing music without beats and bass.”

The recording process had several incarnations. One version only featured guitar, piano and random flutterings of his own voice. He collaborated with a host of singers, songwriters, vocalists, bands and MCs to have them record over Ashton’s original, stripped down versions of the tracks for what ended up sounding like “Sigur Ros vs. Bon Iver vs. Mumford and Sons vs. who the fuck knows.” The final version of NVSB found Ashton essentially remixing his own work that featured contributions from the album’s eventual featured and guest artists.

“I wound up with songs that in some cases were dramatically complex musicals,” he admits. “I felt liberated because I loved the music and for the first time I authentically don’t really care if other people like it or not.”

This new album is going to be one for the books, and whether you are a Bassnectar fan or not, I think every type of music lover is going to come to love the vibes of his new tracks. I hope you enjoy this new track as much as I did, happy listening my friends!