Bear Grillz’s Remix of “Automatik” Brings The Bass!

Who is Bear Grillz? Will the world ever know? For now, he is just a crazy DJ without a name, blowing up the dubstep community. His songs and remixes are downright filthy. 

I was able to see Bear Grillz a few months ago at Club Volume in downtown Seattle. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a DJ who has quite a different attitude- one of a bit of mystery and just a hint of cartoonish antics.

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But once the night started and the crowd got wild, watching someone in a bear costume come out on stage was really all the rage. At one point there was even a dancing panda. While there was no duck, which Bear Grillz mentions quite often, he put on one hell of a set.


Unfortunately, there are not as many artists dabbling in the genre of dubstep as there once were.  I am extremely glad that Bear Grillz continues to produce music in the genre that introduced me to EDM.

And now, for the good stuff: Bear Grillz’s newest remix of Datsik’s song “Automatik,” which makes you feel as if you are in a car going 100 miles per hour. It is fast-paced with so many different beats that it will definitely keep you on your toes. There is no point to rest and take a breather, which makes for one hell of a crazy time. When comparing this remix to the original, I can’t believe the amazing difference. I for one am a Bear Grillz fan! Give ‘Automatik’ (Bear Grillx Remix) a listen and see if you are too!

Datsik – Automatik (Bear Grillz Remix)

Have any guesses as to who the infamous Bear Grillz is? Post in the comments below.

Travis Quick

Travis Quick

Travis Quick graduated from the University of Washington Foster Business School. While his top artists include Madeon, Hardwell and Adventure Club; his true passion is Trap! Travis loves to travel. While on the road, he makes sure to stop by local festivals and shows, however, his heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Travis Quick
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