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Infected Mushroom's Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 3 is Amazing

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Erez and Duvdev of Infected Mushroom have got two be two of the most awesome Israelis I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (not that I’ve met a lot of Israelis, but they take the cake). After over a strong, successful decade of making some of Psytrance’s most popular tunes, these two are proving that time is definitely not a constraint for being able to consistently create amazing music. The duo released their latest EP, Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 3 today through Dim Mak Records, just in time for the summer activities that we all look forward to: festival season. The last time I spoke with Duvdev and Erez at Washington’s Paradiso Festival, they mentioned that even though they’re consistently trying to change how their tracks progress and experiment with different sound, they still have their signature “Infected” Psytrance. Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 3 I is no different, and the EP takes you on a ride through the diverse sound Infected Mushroom is able to come up with. The first, “Rise Up” has a little help from super-producer Savant, whose legendary video game and Super Mario-esqe quipping sounds are extremely prevalent. We also get a taste of Infected’s warped and skewed vocals that make their music just as strange and other-worldly as we like it to be. This track is also way more Rock focused with guitar riffs intermittently coming through the wubs and wobbles. Moving into “Kipod”, we hear the more traditional melodies of Infected Mushroom come through with a strong 145 BPM bassline and zappy, high frequency kicks. We hear more of those awesome warped vocals that bridges the lines between Psytrance and more traditional trance. “Bark” was a blast to listen to through my V-Moda headphones, as this track is filled with super heavy bass breaks and the most complex noise combinations that only Erez and Duvdev can produce. There’s a bit of a string interlude throughout the middle, then a buildup that makes me want to head on a quest into another world. Either that, or just dance my face off. “Who Is There” is my personal favorite, and it’s the most traditionally trance-y out of the tracks in the beginning. But then, we get another taste of those warped vocals and strong kicks with a bit more of an electro, upbeat twist. This song is all over the place genre-wise, in the best way possible. Each of these tracks in the Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 3 have their own distinct personality, and I’m looking forward to seeing each of them live when Infected Mushroom returns to Paradiso Festival this June. Is Infected visiting your city or festival this summer? Take a look at their upcoming tour schedule here.