Who is DA FORCE? No one knows, but whoever they are, they have come from a galaxy far away to pollute your ears with some of the best wonk this planet has ever heard.

Little is known about the mysterious group, yet DA FORCE had explicitly stated on their websites that DA FORCE does not collab and DA FORCE does not share. But who could be making these insane wonk tunes?!

Prepare your ears, because ‘Battlestation’ might be one of my favorite tracks this year. It starts with the classic Star Wars samples they have established throughout their entire production, and leads into a drop that leaves the listeners going absolutely mad! I would describe the tune as warped lightsabers traveling through space. The off-beat trap drums make for a perfect head bobbing bounce as well.

Be on the lookout for The Galactic Empire EP forthcoming on Dybbuk Box Records this summer. Until then, put this song on repeat and enjoy!


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