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Broken Note - Zealot

Monday, July 07, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Broken Note tracks will be on my playlist 'til the day I die. Every one of 'em.   This track is almost 5 years old and it still hits just as hard as it used to. For a group as talented and original sounding as Broken Note, it's surprising they don't get more attention in the dubstep arena. Combining lean, considered, but heavy production skills with an appreciation of diverse rough beats, their slower-tempo sound can only very loosely be described as dubstep.     This isn't your run of the mill dubstep track. Broken Note pride themselves in avoiding restrictive outside influences and keeping their sound original and unique. Instead they draw from cinematic sound design in combination with brutally heavy bass - and combining this with more of the kind of dark and aggressive beats that can be found in heavy metal and dark drum and bass. Between the flurries of staggering beats are layered distorted leads, and filtered reese patches that carry the  music through auditory hallucinations of open and constricted spaces. That last sentence alone, directly from the band's about page on their website, is enough to show you that they take their music very seriously. That seriousness doesn't put a damper on their creativity though. Their drum and bass tracks are equally disturbing, with undulating beats and bass that are unashamed to draw from the darkly edgy sounds of gabba and techno. Over the past 6 years, Broken Note have followed a hectic touring schedule that has taken them across the globe. Tours in North & South America, Australia, and regular performances at events and festivals across Europe have spread their sound around the world, and is a testament to their popularity. Broken Note's tune selection retains their identity, whilst being both diverse and interesting, and is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of any night at which they are playing.

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