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Minnesota Remixes Adventure Club's "Gold" For A Free Download

Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Travis Quick

Minnesota is back, and takes Adventure Club's "Gold" to a higher plain. The chill waves of Dubstep complement Yuna's voice so perfectly, I found myself forgetting how the original sounded. Minnesota-gold-remix Minnesota,aka Christian Bauhofer, knows how to change a track to make it his own. His unique style shines bright in his latest remix of "Gold." I for one, wonder what other remixes Minnesota has in his back pocket.  Having the opportunity to see Minnesota a couple months back was a game changer. His set blew my mind. Personally, I had only heard a couple of his songs before deciding to go, but man was I not disappointed. The energy and passion by Christian is something that I haven't seen in quite some time. Honestly I wasn't sure how to react because I was so impressed. gold-dubstep-minnestoa

This image is something else. Try gazing into it while playing the song. Something just feels right. The gold ripples complement the waves of sound Minnesota creates in his remix. The song starts right away with a signature Minnesota sound slowly leading into Yuna' vocals. This remix does the song some major justice by putting it back on the map for both Adventure Club and Minnesota fans alike. I can't quite put my finger on this song yet, but there is something about it that will make you lose yourself.

The best part?! Its FREE to download.

Adventure Club Ft. Yuna - Gold (Minnesota Remix)