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LUMBERJVCK Drops "JVCKWOOD" EP On Rottun Recordings

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Out now is the relentlessly filthy "JVCKWOOD" EP from trap and dubstep producer LUMBERJVCK. Released through Excision's Rottun Recordings, this one is a real "hairs on the back of the neck" collection of sounds. This young producer, based in LA, regularly does the rounds on top outlets - his bass-heavy, rhymically dominant tracks racking up plays via SoundCloud. This EP is a chance for LUMBERJVCK to really stamp his individuality onto the scene, and he does it in great style with the ongoing theme of darkness across the four tracks. If you're looking for seriously sinister (in the vein of Trampa's work on the Never Say Die Black Label series), look no further than the opening track, "Reelfoot Lake." Cackles of evil laughter and snaps of melody are the order of the day here. Working with Khemehk on "Bumpwood," this tracks explores a more musical approach, with snags of guitar and resonating drums."Cordwood" throws some atmospheric piano before hitting a frenzied climax, whilst "Mirkwood" rounds off the EP - switching up the pace and throwing in a whirlwind of synth patterns. This offering from LUMBERJVCK throws up some real variety, and the production here is slick. You can pick up a copy of "JVCKWOOD" here