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Firebeatz & KSHMR Don't Want "No Heroes"

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Travis Quick

Firebeatz-No-heroes-artworkFirebeatz is shaping up to be one of my favorite DJ duos around. Teaming up with KSHMR, Firebeatz release their latest single, "No Heroes" featuring Luciana. "No Heroes" has all sorts of hidden gems within. Not only does Luciana's vocals add to the spark, but the lyrics speak for themselves. This is one the first songs in a long time I have seen to put such an emphasis on the dance music generation. Just listen:
"This is my culture, I do what I do, To think it's just fashion, I am what I am, We the pretty young face, We are the fashion, We don’t want no heroes, We don’t want no heroes"
Those lyrics speak to me on so many levels (no pun intended). Many people enter the scene for different reasons, but a common theme I have seen is that you are not judged for who you are. You are free to let go, be yourself, and dance. No-Heroes-Dance Luciana's vocals hit you where it hurts; right in the gut. Personally it made me dive into myself and think about the relevancy of heroes. For many, certain DJs are their hero, while others, look up at their parents. Whatever the case my be, when you're listening to "No Heroes," all is bliss and the only thing on your mind should be the next move your body is going to make. Beside the everlasting beat by Firebeatz & KSHMR, this song seems to have gone away from their traditional dubstep vibe.  In my mind it's a stepping stone to something greater. I love Firebeatz in all their glory, but seeing something new is always refreshing. Take a listen and see for yourself.

Firebeatz & KSHMR - No Heroes