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RUN DMT Proves His Development With "Car Radio" Remix

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Colin Rinehart

RUN DMT's latest track on Soundcloud is a far cry from his second latest track, which made up half of his PPLPRSN side project. He's left his glitchy, trippy, place of being, and gone back to his place in the realm of dubstep, almost to the outskirts of brostep, which is more than a hop, skip, and a jump away (while located in the same hemisphere as the rest of electronic music). PPLPRSN was a real venture into the more experimental and, at times, ambient side of glitch. It was an enjoyable listening experience to say the least. It was, however, only a side project, and it's almost impressive that his latest release is so different. As if his track record, his literal track record, didn't exhibit his ability to shift his production style from one genre to another and still retain equilibrium as far as the quality of his music. Here he goes and highlights this ability to shift the shape of his music style by shifting the shape of himself into a separate entity in PPLPRSN, and back to his previous self without any transition period. This was tweeted less than a week ago, and prior to the release of his remix of 21 Pilots' "Car Radio". While the remix is tagged as a #Dubstep track, it has an essence of drum & bass culminating in its undertones. Perhaps an insight into what is to come from RUN DMT in the near future, this may be the chance to get a rare glimpse into the transition period between his ever-shifting shapes.

21 Pilots - Car Radio (RUN DMT Remix) [Fueled By Ramen]

If RUN DMT actually does put out a solid set of drum & bass then it will most likely be in stiff competition with NOISIA for the drum n' bass EP of the year.