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Dack Janiels Brings The Filth In His New "Reptillians" EP

Friday, October 03, 2014
Chelsey Mora

Dubstep is dead? Obviously, you haven't heard the sounds of Dack Janiels. The almighty bass producer is back with his new "Reptillians" EP, out now on BroTown Records. The EP contains four HEAVY tracks, all maxed out to the limit with bass. The four track EP has a very bouncy feel to it, combining the artists love for machine guns and robotic carnage. My personal favorite is "Get Buck", which contains catchy rap samples, and triplets and cannons galore. Dack Janiels has been holding it down for the dubstep community, and has been gaining some major exposure over the past year. This EP is only evident that Dack has some big things planned for us in the future.

Go ahead and grab the "Reptillians" EP for a FREE DOWNLOAD here!

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