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Loco Ono (Stylust Beats Remix) - Bassnectar

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week I present you with an outrageous collaboration from the one and only bass god himself, Lorin Ashton, with his newest release Loco Ono (Stylust Beats Remix) - Bassnectar.

As Bassnectar prepared to kick off the Noise Vs Beauty Tour, he let his fans know that he’ll be giving away a free track each week from the forthcoming NVSB Remix Pack – consisting of over 20 remixes from amazing artists, as well as bonus Bassnectar remixes and even some brand new material, all swimming in the deep sea of the NVSB Spectrum of Sound.

Expect rich diversity and freestyle reinterpretation, and with his most current track, expect things to get loco - perfectly living up to the track's original title.

This past weekend, Bassnectar played his first show at Madison Square Garden, with the epic support of Paper Diamond, Rusko, and Big Gigantic. Launching the kick off of his fall tour and of course to a sold out crowd, I knew this performance was going to be one for the books. Although I did not get to attend this show live, I spent all day scouring youtube, vine, and instagram looking for short videos to show me what I had missed.

As an extremely dedicated fan myself, I have seen Bassnectar at least 10 times, in a span of over 3 years, 4 states, all in completely different venues since the first time his music graced my ears. It's truly an event that I look forward to every year, and each time I see him live I know he is going to blow my mind and take me on a journey different from the last. After recently seeing him in August at Summer Set Music Festival in Wisconsin, I thought I had a good idea of what was to come performance wise for his fall tour.. I was wrong. Below are five of my favorite vine posts I found of his performance from Saturday, and I think anyone will agree with me when I say his live production is truly a masterpiece of epic proportions.

But knowing me, I could go on for days writing about him, but I think discussing him live can be best described in his latest interview with Billboard Magazine when he states:

"Honestly, especially in an enclosed area, it’s the point between the peaks and the valleys. And actually, sometimes, it is the valleys. This is what I mean when I say I’m more like a band and less like a DJ. I’m not just playing beats to make people dance. It can't all be peak. Sometimes, the best moments are when film scores from Inception or American Beauty play as softly as possible before unfolding into something unexpected. It’s not about, “where’s the drop, where’s the drop.” It’s a musical experience.”

To learn about Lorin Ashton as an artist and really get to know who he is as a musician check out the rest of his interview, HERE.

To all my Bass Music Fans out there, I hope you enjoy this new remix as much as I do, and if he is coming to your home town, or anywhere near you – DO NOT MISS HIM LIVE.

Happy Listening my friends!