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The Sky Said that Today is a Snow Day

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

As October turns into November, the beautiful scenery takes over. The trees changing color, the sun setting earlier and the cooler weather all mark the beginning of winter. Although I’m from Dallas, my favorite part of winter is the snow. There is something about the soft white flecks landing on your skin that creates bliss.

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In the music world, the winter is time for all the chilled out tunes to reign supreme. As I scoured across the internet looking for new tunes to fill my library, I stumbled across this new remix. Snow Dayy is a relative newcomer to the scene, having only the original of ‘The Tunnel.’ The original is an ambient, drumstep tune that will chill everybody to a nice cool 32 degrees. Said the Sky obviously felt the emotions of the original and took the tune to a whole new level. This Denver dubstep producer decided to give the tune a melodic touch while keeping the ambient melody that makes the song great. Keeping the amazing piano melody, Said the Sky made most of the song a quiet, ambient tune as a liquid bass line weaves around the melody. With the soft vocals and brilliant piano piece, this song’s adventure hits the peak when a beautiful melodic drop puts the feels through the roof. He masterfully crafts loud synths around an uplifting melody, adding in his own dub sounds to give this song the kick it needed. This song is definitely a reason why Melodic Dubstep remains one of my favorite genres. While the bassheads love the loudness the drop creates, the fans of heart-pounding emotional music will create tears as the piano chords transport you into space. Give Said the Sky a look on SoundCloud as he continues to create tunes that give me the chills. Enjoy the free download and get ready for winter.

 Snow Dayy – The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix)

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