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Apalow Delivers Funky Bass with 'The Mitten VIP'

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

Apalow is the funky basshead alter ego of Oklahoma producer Cory Jordan. His musical achievements are numerous, including classical training in trumpet and composition. Jordan would often sneak into his school's band and orchestra room to spend more time on the piano, or practice his trumpet. His evolution from brass to bass has been an exciting transition, and his tracks reflect his varied taste. "The Mitten VIP" is Apalow's most recent addition, a track that combines a funky melody with his signature heavy bass. If Kill Paris and Excision had a baby, it would sound something like this banger. Dance-worthy guitar riffs paired with space lasers and bass canons make this a must-add to any party playlist!

Apalow - The Mitten VIP

Apalow is currently making magic in the studio, working hard on two upcoming EP's on two different labels. His immeasurable commitment keeps him busy, but the result is a sound totally unique, and rarely able to be defined. You can keep up with Apalow via Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud!