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Seven Lions says "Suck his balls"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Chris Bergin

Seven Lions is my favorite producer for 5 reasons.

1) His sound is hard-hitting, yet exquisitely beautiful

2) He makes ridiculous melodies & balances them with glitches that make your heart stop

3) He experiments with all sorts of sounds

4) He was punk/metal drummer

5) He collaborates with unbelievable artists (Ellie Goulding, Tritonal, Tove Lo, Myon & Shane 54, and Minnesota)

Jeff Montalvo's last release was his stunning album, "Worlds Apart" which hit #2 on the US Dance charts, and #76 on the Billboard 200 album chart.  That's some serious success for an artist as polarizing as him. Seven Lions does not produce hits for the radio, and never will. Want to see how extreme someones taste in music is? Show them Seven Lions. Montalvo will either rock their world, or make their face contort like they'd just consumed some cracked out Sour Patch dust. seven-lions For his latest release, the guru of glitch sampled quotes on LSD from old movies. Why did he do this? I'll let Jeff do the talking...

"Hey Guys, Lucy has hit beatport today. I figure I should do an explanation of this track since it seems to be the most controversial song I've ever put out (even more so then Serpent of Old... wow) Anyways. It all started one night when I was playing a bottle service club at an undisclosed location. Needless to say it was a fucking nightmare, not a single person in that room knew my music or wanted to hear anything remotely melodic. Me, being somewhat of a snarky asshole, decided to play all that psy trance I've been saving up for Burning Man just to weird them all out. It was a strange night for sure. But I had fun. Anyways. We had a long flight home the next day so I decided to grab some quotes about LSD from old movies and see if I could make a psy/bigroom combo track during the 6hr flight home. Lucy was born. So for everyone out there saying "RIP Seven Lions"... Suck my balls, you are the kind of people who make this feel like a job and not something I am doing for fun. For everyone else who has heard this song live on big ass speakers, I hope it did its job and weird-ed you out just a little bit"

Check out "Lucy" below! Are you a fan of psy-bigroom?

Seven Lions - Lucy