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The World's Most Dangerous Producer: Dack Janiels Interview

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Monica Uppal

Dack Janiels is no stranger to the streets with his southern hip-hip roots, and love for dirty bass music. Tanner Chung a.k.a. Dack Janiels has been wrecking the bass music scene with his machine gun filled tracks over the past year, and has no plans of leaving. Dack is a graduate of Icon Collective in Los Angeles, and his clean production skills are a clear attest to that. With his tunes being played out all over by the OG's like Funtcase, Excision, and Figure it's no wonder why this guy is gaining mad respect from artists on all levels. Dack is the real deal - his sets are on another level, not just musically-wise either. He's getting just as crazy as the fans, all while drinking a 40oz. His violent productions in combination with a zero f*cks given attitude, lead us to believe that we have found the "World's Most Dangerous Producer". 2FS_UB9Z_400x400-1 OTB: When you are live on stage (for the techy DJ heads out there) what’s the set up you have? Dack Janiels: "I play off Pioneer CDJ 2000s with the DJM-900." OTB: When you're in the studio, what is your set up? Dack Janiels: "I produce most of my music in Ableton Live 9, with Massive being my VST of choice for my basses and such. I actually started producing in Reason originally, and still use it's Maelstrom Synth fairly often to make some of my more wonky basses." OTB: What defines Dackstep? Dack Janiels: "Haha, when I first started tagging my songs on soundcloud, I would always just put "Dackstep" as the genre instead of dubstep; I guess it has sorta evolved into my sound now. It's always been a goal to make my tunes appeal to people who aren't necessarily bass music fans. There's definitely an area in blending genres that creates this appeal, and that's what Dackstep is all about- bringing a diverse group of people together who all happen to dig bouncy, dirty, bass music." OTB: What is your spirt animal? Dack Janiels: "I love cats. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love cats haha. So my spirit animal is definitely a cat...or a panther." OTB: Biggest musical inspirations? Dack Janiels: General Inspirations: UGK, Three 6 Mafia, Andre Nickatina, Mercyful Fate Bass Inspirations: pOgman, Getter, Funtcase OTB: How do you pick somone to collab with? Dack Janiels: "Sometimes I'll find an artist and we hit it off really well, leading to us writing a tune like in the case of my buddies Creation and Cruel Reaction; I try to do most of my collabs in person though." OTB: What would be the hardest genre to remix? Dack Janiels: "I guess something I don't really listen to like country. That would be really strange to add some machine gun basses to the new Carrie Underwood tune haha." OTB: Top three things you want your fans to know? Dack Janiels: 1. "I've skateboarded for most of my life. If you come up to me at a show and talk skating with me, I'll probably be talking with you for the rest of the night." 2. "I have a sister who also produces/DJs. She goes by DJ Wednesday and kills it." 3. "The 40oz Bounce EP is dropping on IAmAudio this December!" OTB: Pick a guilty pleasure song you wish you could play while performing, but you would feel too judged. Dack Janiels: "Snoop Dogg & The Dream- Gangsta Love" OTB:  Headphones used while DJing? Dack Janiels: "Sol Republic Tracks. I've had so much bad luck with headphones in the past, and these have been the best." OTB: What is your pre-show ritual? Dack Janiels: "I definitely like to eat something dank, and have my pre-show tall can. Surprisingly, I don't really drink much Jack anymore- 40oz all day." OTB: What?! Not Tild Wurkey or Beam Jim? Dack Janiels: "Ha! Believe it or not, I actually have the Bim Jeam Soundcloud locked down."
"Listening to these disemboweling drops is essentially the equivalent of signing your soul over to the Grim Reaper." - on Dack Janiels
OTB: Tell us about your experiences at Icon Collective? Dack Janiels: "Icon was such an amazing experience. Being in that environment and going thru the program ramped up my production tenfold. Fun fact: Slander and NGHTMRE were in my class!" OTB: What would you say to others who are looking into going to Icon? Dack Janiels:  "Do it! The admissions department is awesome, and it never hurts to at least reach out! I live fairly close to the school, so you'll probably see me from time to time catching my weekly studio sessions." OTB: Final words? Dack Janiels: "Look out for my upcoming EP on pOgman's label IAMAudio, as well as my Fall 40oz Bounce tour!"  

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