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Kai Wachi Remains The Hybrid King

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Chelsey Mora

If you haven't given Kai Wachi's new EP "Dukkha" a listen yet, you're trippin. The hybrid producer brings us two tracks of epic proportions with the title track "Dukkha" featuring LA based producer LUMBERJVCK, and "RCGNZE" featuring rapper YLTI. "Dukkha" is a filthy combination of Kai Wachi's and LUMBERJVCK's sounds, showcasing their monstrous phaser growls and beastly samples. The intro gives me a Bassnectar-esque feel with the creepy orchestral elements, and propels into a drop of utter chaos. The second drop kicks it up a notch, while still delivering the same heavy hybrid goodness as before. "RCGNZE" is a classic Kai tune, with its fusion of dirty and bouncy bass. The swampy and high-pitched basses combine effortlessly with the 808s, making for a must listen. YLTI provides some sick verses on the track, with his cocky lyricism being the perfect touch.

"Dukkha" is now available for grabs via Kannibalen Records here, what are you waiting for?

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