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Haywyre Provides Insight into Playing the Keyboard

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

If you haven’t found a reason to listen to Haywyre yet, you really should start now. As he starts his first solo tour, The Two Fold Tour, Haywyre posted a live performance of his newest tune “Insight,” on Youtube. A lively bass drop combined with his signature live keyboarding creates a monster track that will instantly put you in a better mood. Check out the video below!

Haywyre - Insight

Starting off with a disco vibe that is usually reserved for a 70's dance party, a Daft Punk-esque vocalizer begins the buildup while Haywyre shocks us with his amazing piano skills. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, he brings your ears to attention with a drop that combines his intricate keyboarding and some mad bass. I wonder if playing with Mat Zo on his Mad Zoo Winter Roadshow had an effect on this song? Whatever inspiration Haywyre had, I like it. Last year, Martin shocked us with a brilliant “Smooth Criminal” remix that introduced us to the Haywyre experience. 2015 is promising to be even bigger as he travels across America on his first solo tour and releasing new music. If you have a chance to see him live on his tour, do it, because you don’t want to miss him. When’s the last time you saw some live keyboarding at an electronic music concert? Haywyre Tour Dates You can purchase the tune now on Beatport and Bandcamp, and watch his live performance on Youtube. Purchase tickets for his Two Fold Tour online and show your support by tweeting him and giving him a like on Facebook. Now excuse me while I go replay the video for the 5th time in a row.