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Twine Talks Inspiration, Writing & Artist Tips For 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

American producer Twine has just dropped his "STRNG THRY" trio of tracks through Never Say Die, and understandably, it does not disappoint. His talents as an artist are pushing him firmly into the spotlight, and 2015 is surely set to be another successful year for him. We grabbed a few words with Twine to get to know him a little better. 

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OTB: For anyone who has yet to experience your sound, how would you describe it in three words? Twine: "Loud Fucking Noises." OTB: Where did the inspiration come from when creating these three monster tracks? Twine: "All over the place, really. "Switchblade" has a bit of an ode to 16bit’s “Skullcrack VIP” and that old school dub vibe." OTB: Do you prefer being creative in the studio, or playing out your songs at the live shows? Twine: "I honestly love both equally. Without the fans, I wouldn’t have any reason to sit around doodling in the studio. So it’s a double edged sword, haha." OTB: Do you have a set routine when it comes to writing music? Twine: "Definitely not. A track can come about by any random way you can think of. For instance, "Switchblade" was, in its baby stages, just a project where I was smacking my ass and recording it to get clap sounds. Shout out to deadmau5 there for the inspiration." OTB: What is your favorite club to play? Where would you most like to play that you haven’t already? Twine: "I haven’t been around too much to really say yet. But I know I would definitely love to play Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver. Such a beautiful venue." OTB: Are there any up-and-coming bass producers that you would tip for big things in 2015? Twine: "Keep an eye out for Topi, Snails, Half Empty, and Dr. Ozi. They’ve got a huge year coming up for them!"

Don't forget you can grab "STRNG THRY" right here.