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Bring the Mad Remixes of “Bring The Madness”

In early January, a collaboration took place that took the Dubstep world by storm. Excision and Pegboard Nerds joined together to “Bring The Madness” to our ears. The dubstep/drumstep crossover has received over 350,000 plays in the 2 months since its release and it’s no doubt that countless artists are responsible for them. So many, in fact, that Monstercat has put together a Remix EP with 4 top notch remixes ready to be blasted out over some large speakers. [caption id="attachment_31880" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Giant Speaker Bring The Madness Excision You know like this size of big[/caption] The first remix comes from Monstercat artist Aero Chord. This trap artist stripped the song down to its roots, tremendous bass. The buildup can only be summarized in one word… Massive. Aero Chord drops a huge, bass-filled trap beat after the buildup that will turn the most holiest of nuns into twerkaholics. Hold your horses though, this is only the beginning. Noisestorm fills the second remix with a head-bobbing dubstep beat that reminds me of the old days of dubstep. There is a strong trap beat behind the tune that grabbed me from the first hit of the beat. This remix has me pressing play over and over again. As we move onto the third remix, Erotic Café decided to flip the original on its heels and turn it into a G-House monster. Ever since I saw Destructo live at Lights All Night, this genre has become one of my new favorites as it combines the sounds typically found in dubstep and trap and fits them into a tech-house beat. Erotic Café created probably my favorite remix of the bunch as he leaves no sample unturned keeping the same intensity of the original but modifying it into his own production. The groovy beat at 2:00 has me dancing all around my room, as it will you. The second drop has a similar sound to Skrillex’s Recess EP, don’t you think? Whatever it is, I like it. Wrapping up the EP, Tim Ismag & Trinergy joined together to create one epic buildup. The haunting piano melody grabs your heart as they drop a complex dubstep drop that will have Excision smiling as big as his T-rex icon. This remix probably has the hardest rhythm to follow but is well crafted and shows off the enormous skill that both of these artists have.

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Bring The Madness Remix EP

Monstercat has so graciously given all these remixes out for free, so if any of these sparked your interest, go ahead and download them HERE. Make sure to check out all the artists on their many social pages along with showing them some love by liking and reposting their songs. Make sure to “Bring The Madness” in your next playlist or party.