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Has Dubstep Ever Made You Cry? Echos X Nightcall's "Rainfall" Might

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Chris Bergin

The answer to the above question is probably no. You may have punched a wall, or annihilated a wooden chair while loosing yourself to the likes of Seven Lions, Xilent, Flux Pavillion, or Bassnectar, but I doubt you've shed a single tear. Dubstep, or Melodic Prog-step in this case (for all you genre nerds out there), doesn't exactly lend itself to emotions of a more delicate nature. If I want a good tear-jerker, I'll throw on some old Peter Gabriel, or maybe a classic Explosions In The Sky track. Heavy wobbles and earthquake inducing bass don't exactly scream "I want to get in touch with my feelings". Here to change that are Echos & Nightcall, producers from Portland, Oregon and Gothenburg, Sweden respectively. echos Lets start with Echos. This stunning production duo consists of Portland natives, Tal & Lexi. These two have been releasing gorgeous originals, remixes & covers on their Soundcloud for the past year, all of which are available as Free Downloads on their Facebook page. Lexi graces each track with her powerful, yet slightly ominous vocals, while Tal crafts the hard-hitting melodic instrumentals hovering just below Lexi's lead. Personally, I think Echos sound like the love child of Evanescence and Seven Lions (you can't really go wrong with that...). Have a listen to their wonderful track "Don't Let Me Go" (the Illenium Remix is also straight FIRE) and proceed to be blown away by the power of emotive dubstep. nightcall Next, we have the ever inspirational Nightcall. Honestly, I couldn't find much info on this Swedish producer, however I do know that he's been pumping out unbelievable tunes for the past 12 months. In fact, PJ, as his friends seem to call him, dropped an incredible track, "Finding You" just under 2 months ago with fellow New Dawn Collective member, Satellite Empire. The majority of his uploads contain delicate piano breakdowns, cinematic chord progressions, thunderous drops, and even the occasional female vocal. Did I mention his favorite artists are Breaking Benjamin, Pendulum, and Ellie Goulding? Lets just say Nightcall & Echos were destined to work together.

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Throw on a good pair of headphones, and check out their cumulative effort below! As an added bonus, Echos included the lyrics to this gem in the description on Soundcloud,

"As your hands let go of me I clung to places you might be As your hands let go of me"

I hope you appreciate the inherent beauty of "Rainfall" as much as I do...let the waterworks commence. ♡ ☔ ♡