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Victorious Monstercat Debut from San Holo

Sunday, May 10, 2015
Janessa Demeule

The Force is strong with this one. In a new debut on the Monstercat label, Dutch producer San Holo has combined the heaviness of trap/future bass sounds, with that of chill, down-tempo, bitbeat for a nostalgic roller coaster ride of a tune.  Starting off with heavy bass and a dreamy lead, "Victory" heads off into the part of your brain that stores your feel-good vibes. This track gets right into that memory storage of summers gone by, chilling with old friends, meeting new ones, sharing some libations, and general shenanigans. Think of every festival after movie and that's the image you get from this song. The fact that "Victory" can induce such good feelings is mind-blowing. It takes a special kind of production quality and attention to minor details to really hone in that sound. Clearly, San Holo wields a set of particular skills that makes him a dream for people who enjoy a good time. Relax your mind and take a listen below. This is what electronic music is about - exploration, innovation,  and a willingness to create without fear. Han Solo has more than embraced this and we can expect more to come on the complete Victory EP, which is being released May 25th, through Monstercat. You'll only have this track on repeat for a few weeks until you're treated to the sweet, sweet sounds of Victory.