Zeds Dead X Megalodon – Wit Me Dub (Free Download)

Production team Zeds Dead are well known for their diverse variety in sound experimentation. Dabbling in a little bit of everything, and kickin’ ass at everything. However, the heart of Zeds Dead lies in that dirty, filthy, grime-y, dubstep. Whenever they return to that sound, it is always refreshing. This time, with the help of new comer bass master, Megalodon, they have produced a destructive force of beauty.

“Wit Me Dub” is a monstrous tour-de-force of collab. And a return to Zeds Dead distinct, heavy beats. The track grooves like molasses. Megalodon provides a sweet, thick riddum that paces evenly with the furious synth work of Zeds Dead. Punctuated with some Jamacian high-life, this track is unrelenting.

Feast your ears upon this beast and rejoice because it’s free to the fans!

It’s really awesome to hear a return to from from the guys of Zeds Dead. Megalodon is proving himself to be a strong contender for the next wave of dubstep producers. Until they drop their next track this beast will satiate the hunger.

Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

Residing somewhere on a habitable rock floating in space, Janessa has chosen to accept the mission of spreading funky beats to the citizens of the world. A self-proclaimed audio addict and Guardian of the Groove, she can be seen wandering the streets in a state of trance. If you stop her, you might find yourself being submitted to the best trance, drum and bass, UK hardcore, and various mixtapes (to name a few). She is relentless in her desire to spread the musical love and earn her "mission accomplished" sticker.
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