SkismXTrampa Unleash Super-massive Black Hole

Music: The final frontier. SKisM and Trampa co-producing a track to boldly explore strange new sounds, to seek out new grooves and new fans, to boldly go where no producer has gone before. The next voyage in Never Say Die’s “CRXSS” series, “Black Hole” is a ruthless tack, punishing in it’s delivery of heavy bass stabs, mechanical wobbles and deep space warnings. As the two take over the track, they immediately careen listeners towards a black hole, with no concern for human life.  The track sounds experimental when compared to what others are putting out. But one can’t deny the fact that there is nothing experimental about how this track sounds production wise. Every note is clear, crisp and perfectly-timed. The introduction of any unsettling sound clip is on the beat and adds to the feeling of terror that proceeds it.

Unavoidable as it’s namesake, “Black Hole” unleashes a theoretical mass of excellence that you have to hear yourself.

SKisM X Trampa – Black Hole

“Black Hole” is a harsh, yet fun track that seeks to go beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, into the darkest parts of the unknown. Boldly and with out hesitation, to unleash a destructive, explosive sound.

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Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

Residing somewhere on a habitable rock floating in space, Janessa has chosen to accept the mission of spreading funky beats to the citizens of the world. A self-proclaimed audio addict and Guardian of the Groove, she can be seen wandering the streets in a state of trance. If you stop her, you might find yourself being submitted to the best trance, drum and bass, UK hardcore, and various mixtapes (to name a few). She is relentless in her desire to spread the musical love and earn her "mission accomplished" sticker.
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