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Is This Even Music Anymore?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Dakota Orlando

You either hate him or love him. Borgore is definitely a producer with extremely mixed reviews. Some say that he ruined dubstep, while others love his uniquely dirty songs. Just this past week, the Israeli producer released his new EP, Keep It Sexy. Borgore kept it short and sweet with just a few songs, each with a very different sound. The track Forbes is a collaboration with rapper G-Easy, bringing in a new fan base. Both tracks Wanna Do and Hella Lit are both very heavy and stay true to Borgore's original style. Definitely songs I'm looking forward to hearing dropped live. Then there comes the track Squad, which features Dahn Farro. In my opinion, this song is the definition of what people refer to when stating that EDM isn't "real" music. It genuinely sounds like a grouping of noises that have no melody, or direction. In listening to new music, it seems that a lot of producers are beginning to adopt a sound similar to this one. Whether they are mainly deep house producers or strictly dubstep, they all are somehow incorporating this sound. This is where it starts to concern me that all EDM is quickly blurring into one genre that is unrecognizable. I fondly remember hearing this kind of sound first played by Jack Ü at Ultra 2014. I started noticing more and more artists adding this music to their sets. At first it was extremely interesting to listen to and innovative as it was something that was foreign to people's ears. But now it is definitely becoming overplayed, very quickly. My advice to producers would be, stick to what you know and remain unique. Because after all, who is going to pay to go to shows when every set begins to sound the same?