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Barely Alive Hits Hard With Hackers ft. Armanni Reign

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Janessa Demeule

At this point in the game, Barely Alive should just change their name to "Alive and Thriving". Barely Alive's popularity has exploded exponentially over the past year and with their latest release, "Hackers" it is clear as to why. The latest single release from their album, "We Are Barely Alive" due Oct. 26th is a ride start to finish that will have fans new and old screaming for more. There isn't a proper word in the dictionary to emphasize the weight this track throws around. "Hackers" combines the dirty sound Barely Alive has grown on with some beefy wordplay from Armanni Reign. The final product is an insane rush that is all over the place without becoming tiring or repetitive. Many Dubstep artists fall into the folly of overusing and relying on "getting to the drop" to get the crowd interested. Every buildup is different thanks to the fast pacing lead by lyricist Armanni and subtle changes to the track as it begins to climb. If you never heard of Barely Alive before, you'll never forget who they are now. A beastly crew rising to the top, riding on an elevator made of pure fire. Preorder here to receive "Hackers" today and wake up to some sweet tunes next Monday.