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SAVOY is Back with New Single “Love Is Killing Me” and 1000 Years EP

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

The Kings of Lasers, Savoy, are back with future bass track “Love Is Killing Me” featuring Chali 2na on vocals. Bringing their genre ERM (Electronic Rock Music) to the Monstercat label, “Love Is Killing Me” is part of the new 1000 Years EP due out December 2nd. Listen below and pre-order your copy now.

Love Is Killing Me – Savoy

After partnering with Sound Remedy for “Leaving You” the three-piece band experiments with the future bass genre incorporating 90’s rap, a groovy bass line, and their signature electronic sound to make another stellar addition to their discography. “Love is Killing Me” throws you back to the 90s giving you a 2015 melody to bob your head to. “Love Is Killing Me” is quite a different style for SAVOY, especially from their Self-Predator EP. 2016 already seems to have a heavy future bass feel to it and we still have a month of 2015 to go. While older SAVOY listeners may want to hear more bass, the vibe of the track still carries a traditional SAVORY vibe. Along with older fans, I too, am excited about the new 1000 Years EP. You can pre-order SAVOY’s 1000 Years EP now through Google Play, Bandcamp and iTunes soon. Listen above and on Soundcloud showing some love for SAVOY in the comments below and follow their newest news on Facebook or Twitter. Check back soon to Only The Beat for the review of the full EP.