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Listen to Sakkieftw drop his latest EP 'Wasteland'

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Andrew Tessler

I love to find new producers and listen to all different genres, as of course I have a few favorites, but I love anything that I can jam to. There could be a day where I'm bumping to The Chainsmokers and then one day Skrillex or the next 'Elements of Life'. Sakkieftw is a Vancouver-based producer who you can consider similar to Skrillex, Zomboy and Excision. He has a passion for his craft, and has just released his second EP 'Wasteland'. His first EP "Experiment 1.3.2" featured two music videos for "Spiral" and "Experiment 1.3.2", which really shot his foot through the music industry door. Now, he's back with more in "Wasteland" and I'm very impressed.

Sakkieftw - Experiment 1.3.2

"Wasteland" has three tracks, and instead of giving you a track by track review saying what I like and dislike about each one, I wanted to give a total feel of the EP and what each song makes me feel when I listen to it. We all have certain tracks that remind us of movies or times in our lives, and this EP truly makes you do that. First of all, "Wasteland" (feat Samurai Renegade) has a post-apocalyptic world feel to it. Look at the cover art alone and you get that vibe before listening. This track can be in any soundtrack of a movie like "Mad Max" or "Resident Evil". The buildup to the U.K. sounding drop just gives chills through your body if you have headphones on, especially with the vocals of Samurai Renegade. You feel like you're watching one of those movies and it's pretty cool. Sakkieftw moves on to "Seraph", and this really switches up to some hard Trance. If you've seen "The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials", this could be the track of the deserted land club where they bring the kids and drug them. The scene was awesome, so that's a pretty good compliment. I personally love Trance like this, as it brings me back to the 90's and late 2000's before commercial "EDM" really took over. It's a little bit harder Trance with a tiny bit of Dubstep to it, but that's why we are in 2016 and not 1999. Lastly, Sakkieftw finishes his EP with "Al Vision Quest," and for some reason this track didn't really sit well with me. I absolutely loved the first two, but this one just didn't do it for me. It had no real rush through my body and I just couldn't get into it. Overall, I think the EP is great, and maybe Sakkieftw just needed a third track. The first two were good enough for me to go ahead and buy it. Why you SHOULD listen to "Wasteland"? Don't you love when you can tell your friends you found a new producer and be the first one to play it at a party or in the car? That's a perfect reason along with having either great headphones or a speaker system in your car, you can easily get lost in this EP.

Sakkieftw - Wasteland EP

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