Festicrates “Big Box” Giveaway

Ever struggled to find something to wear to a festival? Are you not great at making kandi? Or is your wardrobe lacking in the PLUR department? These issues have been […]

5 Chicago DJ’s to look out for in 2016

Chicago is at a very interesting crossroads from a style perspective. Although it is the birthplace of House music, most of our founding fathers have sought asylum in Berlin, where […]

How to Become the Master of the Aux Cord

No matter the occasion, whether in the back of the Uber, or at your friend’s pregame, a soundtrack is always necessary. Almost as important and competitive as screaming “SHOTGUN” at the […]

Uberjak’d Drops New Single ‘Twisted’

Uberjak’d recently dropped a new single ‘Twisted’  on Hussle/ Ministry of Sound Australia and you better listen to it. The track combines bold brass-lines with violin stabs, booming build-ups, and speaker fracturing […]