Fueiho: Japan’s Ban on Public Dancing

Japan has a series of laws designed to curb vice behaviors – including one such law known as Fueiho, which severely restricts dancing in social spaces. With the enforcement of […]

EDM: Redefining Street Warfare with Araab Muzik

Art is mimicked, parodied, and reformed every time someone attempts to recreate anything. The accomplishments of one person are picked up by someone else who looks at those accomplishments and […]

HARD Day of the Dead: Meeting Expectations?

This year’s premier Halloween event in Southern California was no doubt put on by Gary Richards and the HARD Team at the Pomona Fairplex on Nov 2nd-3rd. An epic roster […]

EDM: Expensive Dance Music pt. 1

What’s your favorite sport? Chances are, if you live outside the U.S., it’s soccer (excuse me, football). A single sport so vast in its following and participation that countries don’t want […]

Paris Hilton Bombs Another DJ Set…

If you clicked on this article, please take 3-5 minutes to read the rest. Disclaimer: Paris Hilton did not bomb another set. In fact, she is a great entrepreneur. The […]

Beethoven Would Be A DJ

I was once told that, out of modern music, the song structure and style of heavy metal music is most similar to that of classical music.

I Have Made Music My Own First World Problem

When one approaches any rite of passage, or significant accomplishment in life they tend to take a look at themselves from a different perspective. Why shouldn’t they? Soon everyone else […]

Trance Thursday 010

Long day? More like long week. Fall is starting to set in and some of us just need to drift away. Forget your homework. Forget your deadlines at work. Forget […]

FOMO is in Full Effect This Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year that the world dons the Raver culture by dressing up in crazy outfits and acting like nobody is watching. While you are standing […]

Trance Thursday 009

1. Andy Tau – Last Light I wanted to start with a track full of emotion, something a bit slower to get you warmed up before diving into some more […]